Mould Temperature Contrellers

RTC Series

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RTC series mould automatic temperature controller is mainly used for mould heating and keep constant temperature, as well as the fi elds with same requirements. This series adopts heat-exchanging principle, uses water or high heat conduction oil as media, keep the mould in constant temperature during molding, guarantee top quality for molding, the optimized design ensuring the heating temperature up to 200ºC.

  • Computer temperature control, direct-view and easy and simple for operation, PID temperature control with high accuracy and stable temperature controlling, the accuracy is ±1ºC within.
  • Use horizontal pump, running in smooth and steady, stable flow with long using life.
  • Cylindrical tube design, pressurization and explosion-proof.
  • Automatic alarming function, alarming and automatic stop when the system has the breakdown.
  • Attractive appearance, easy-dismount design, convenient for maintenance.
  • Two specifi cations of water and oil for customers selection.