Dryers & Dehumidificators.



The DE series is a new generation of compact twin-tower dessicant dryers which use the molecular sieve method. Cutting-edge design made extremely interesting by the latest electronics and innovative energy saving features. Modern frame design with self-centering panels and spring lock.

For medium and large scale applications the DEU series is the ideal solution for drying hygroscopic granular plastics.

Latest generation electronics with microprocessor and LCD display allow the operator to interact easily with countless functions and controls, guaranteeing excellent drying performance and potential energy saving which is truly surprising for this type of machine.

Hot Air Driers


We offer three high-performance series of Hot Air Driers: HD series, HDC series and HDS series.

Dessicant dryers are used for the processing of plastic granules materials which are non-hygroscopic, i.e. they retain surface moisture. The presence of moisture in the materials processing can compromise the quality of the final product.

Honeycomb Wheel Driers

The wheel-type WD and WDS series dryers are the newest technology, working at a constant dew point and with extremely low energy consumption.

Compressed Air Driers

We present the new AD series of compressed air dryers. In the basic version, models with 5, 15, 30 and 50 litre hoppers give dew point values as low as -20°C (depending on the performance of the compressed air system installed). With the addition of the “Extra Drying Kit” module, the AD+EDK version reaches dew points of -50°C. All models are designed for machine-side installation and for small to medium-scale production.

Electronic controls allow user-friendly programming thanks to an internal database of the most common materials, with the option of independent data processing by the operator.

Electronic controls allow the air flow to be adjusted in accordance with hourly capacity and type of material; and this, combined with the inbuilt anti-stress system, automatically reduces energy consumption.

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