RDM Series



RDM series dryer is a quick-drying machine for plastic and rubber raw material drying, it can dry the humidifi ed raw material caused by packing, transportation and retrieving. The direct-type bunker is especially suitable for installed on the plastic-rubber injection molding machinery carrying out drying. All types of machines, the 24-hours timer are available.

  • Polished appearance with stainless steel hopper.
  • Hot wind extending device in high effi ciency, the hot wind are distributed evenly, can promote the drying effi ciency.
  • Special hot-air winding pipe design, guarantee wind sending in a smooth going way, its benefi t to maintenance.
  • Internal parts are made of stainless steel.
  • As the hopper body and the bottom are designed separately, there-fore it is very convenient to clean.
  • Overheat protection device.
  • Main switch for safety purpose.
  • Transparent eye-glass magnect plinth.